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Lynn Rothan is a consummate painter, ceramist, and printmaker. Her artworks,

evidence the fact that she is a noteworthy contemporary artist . The elegant passion, individual poetic vision and deep commitment she brings to her artistry imbues and infuses every single second of her living life. What she touches she makes her own. It is this absolute commitment to the creative process which has made of her, after the fact, a teacher of soaring accomplishment. Her many years of working with challenged youth, to share with them her belief that creative process fuels creative decision making, has helped to shepherd young lives through awkward and dangerous phases.

Educated in Ohio, for the last twenty-five years Rothan lived on the aromatic edge of Eastern Oregon's great basin as both her home and one of her environmental inspirations. Now, Lynn lives in Hopewell, Oregon with her two sisters. Artisanal Merchantile by title but so much more. Home, for the moment Her studio housed inside the store.




This Life – A Garden 11:11 

The Seed – The perfect shape. The Feminine, The masculine, the Eternal, Contained in it all of the information it will ever need to fulfill the perfection of cycle.

The Plant- A human life ~ 60 years- I feel myself  thirsting most days, craving the sun, and occasionally needing to be fertilized.

Harvesting Seeds ~ Delicate collection, introspection, nurtured regeneration- 

Painting ~ Relationships are like gardens; one must weed, cultivate, let rest and tend to the soils for a bountiful harvest. (journal entry)



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