tumbled beads


ginger beads



slip bead

paint beadsSQUASH

teal buttons

color bubbed



slip bead detail  pearl and clay earings

Clay Techniques

Aromatherapy : These Beads are fired at a lower temperature to effectively absorb essential oils.

Inlay: Detailed areas are inlayed with glaze, giving shimmer bling spots


My term to describe the surface as having no decoration, just the fired clay body. This is one of my favorite techniques that I incorporate on most all of the pieces. The unglazed clay, after wearing for a while picks up a beautiful surface patina. Some of these beads I fire at a bit lower temperature,  enabling them to absorbs essential oils and paint tints

Scraffito: A light carved design or texture on the surface of the clay to reveal the layers just below.

Slip Design: Slip is made by thinning the clay to a paintable  consistency and then applying it to the wet clay for decoration.This is similar to cake or cookie frosting.

Tumbled:At different stages of the making process I tumble the Beads for an added effect, in essence softening and rounding the edges for added depth and texture.